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SAMSA CONSULTING Pty Ltd is an internationally recognised Transport Planning / Traffic Engineering consultancy specialising in Road Safety.

Welcome to Samsa Consulting

Samsa Consulting Pty Ltd is an internationally recognised Transport Planning / Traffic Engineering consultancy specialising in Road Safety. The firm’s project experience and its affiliation with various consultant partners, provides a wide range of expert transport planning and traffic engineering capabilities. The firm has been in operation since 2001.
Our expertise covers the following:
  • Transport Infrastructure and Public Transport Planning
  • Traffic Management and Impact Assessment 
  • Road Safety Policy Studies & Auditing 
  • Parking and Access Studies 
  • Pedestrian and Cyclist Facility Planning
Other professional capabilities include:
  • Road Safety Audit Training
  • Transport Policy and Legislative Studies
  • Strategic Route Analysis
  • ‘Expert Witness’ for Land & Environmental Court
  • Accident Investigation & Causation
  • Traffic & Transport Network Modelling